Talk at O'Reilly Conference by Marcio Galli - Next Generation Applications in XUL

Post-even note

Looking back on my experience at the OSCON Conference in 2004, I feel grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge about XUL and Mozilla technologies. At the time, I was working for Yahoo!, but Chris Hoffman from Mozilla connected me with Mitchell Baker, the chairwoman of Mozilla. They asked me to replace another speaker who couldn't attend. I'd like to extend my thanks to Mitchell, Chris, and my manager at Yahoo!, Mike Lee, for making the arrangements.

The original description of the talk, provided by Jason, highlighted the potential of XUL as an alternative to Microsoft's Longhorn's Avalon XAML application development framework. Developers could begin creating web-delivered applications using XUL right away, without waiting for the release of XAML in 2006. XUL was compared to other alternatives, including Macromedia's Flash and ActionScript.

The talk emphasized the benefits of using XUL to deliver applications. During the presentation, I walked the audience through the lifecycle of developing an application in XUL and demonstrated the benefits of building generic XUL dispatch applications on top of XML servers.

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